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Dog Gone Running

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Dog Gone Running

Calgary, AB    T3H 0C3

I am so excited to own Dog Gone Running.  Two of my biggest passions are dogs and running so to be able to do both is a dream.  I have always had a beloved dog as part of my family and have been an active volunteer in AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society).   My current family member is a Rescue named Teddy,  

I  am thrilled to be at the helm of Calgary’s best (and only) dog-running service. I feel fitness should be just as high a priority for our canine companions.  We believe regular outdoor runs result in happier and healthier dogs.  And sometimes a walk is just not enough for your dog.  So if for some reason, you are unable to provide regular runs for your dog, Dog Gone Running is more than happy to assist you.  We ensure all our runners share our passion for dogs.  They will cater the run to your dog’s ability and energy.  You’ll find your dog better able to relax with you during your evening time together, after a nice, long run with one of our runners that day.